A Comparison of Dental Treatment Charges in Various Countries (USD)

Procedure United States Mexico Hungary United Kingdom Romania Germany Poland Our Prices
Single Dental Implant 2,990 ~ 5,000 990 1000 3500 1350 1400 900 900
Veneers 800 ~ 2,000 495 360 340 240 600 ~ 800 450 450
Root Canal Treatment 699 ~ 2,000 300 ~ 450 60 400 90 ~ 200 300 150 ~ 200 150 ~ 200
Crowns 750 ~ 3,000 495 285 500 240 ~ 600 520 280 ~ 800 280 ~ 800
Bonding 150 ~ 300 70 70 50 75 100 ~ 150 60 60
Impaction 250 ~ 500 120 180 190 120 200 ~ 300 190 190

Dental Treatment worldwide

Why Dental Treatment at India?

India is considered as one of the most favored tourist destinations in the world. As dental treatment is rather costly in many developed countries, more and more patients try to find less expensive places like India that do not compromise on quality. Also in many countries dental treatments are not covered under insurance which makes dental treatments unaffordable for most of the people. For example a single implant in UK will cost you around 2500-3500 USD while the same treatment with internationally acclaimed Nobel Biocare implants will cost you only 800 USD at Exodus Dental Care. Due to present day Internet technology patients are able to consult the Doctor online and prepare their treatment plan prior to the visit to the hospital.

In many cases, the total cost involved in booking a flight, paying for a hotel and treatment charges for the dental work in India will work out much cheaper than only treatment charge at your home country. Apart from the costs of treatment and cheaper hotels in India, it is also the quality of doctors and experienced professionals that makes India a world-class destination as far as dental treatment is concerned. So, why pay high prices at home, when you can travel down and receive the same treatment, may be of better quality, at Exodus Dental Care, an internationally reputed Dental Hospital at Kerala, India. It would be really a great idea to combine your dental treatment with a holiday, touring the Incredible India.

Dental Treatment at Exodus

Treatment at Exodus Dental Care can be compared to the best available anywhere in the world. This clinic is setup with all US-FDA approved latest equipment like OPG-LAT CEPH, Laser, Zero microbe sterilizer, Computerized injection machine (STA-WAND), Noble biocare implant machine etc. Our implants are from Noble Biocare which has lifetime warranty and our crowns are from 3M or ivocular for which we offer a warranty of 10-15 years.

Not only you get quality treatment by highly trained and professional doctors Internationally reputed materials, the costs are much lower here. Do have a look at our price lists before you make a decision on having your dental treatment done by us. You will find that you will save an incredible 70% on costs of dental implants. The same is true for other kinds of dental treatment as well.

Also we have a dedicated Guest Relations Department to coordinate all your treatment, accommodation and leisure needs like airport pickup, hotel accommodation, sigh seeing activities etc. We will give you all details and costing for your stay, travel, tour etc. so you can plan your budget accordingly

Price Comparison Chart with various Countries

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