A Comparison of Dental Treatment Charges in Various Countries (USD)

Procedure United States Mexico Hungary United Kingdom Romania Germany Poland Our Prices
Single Dental Implant 2,990 ~ 5,000 990 1000 3500 1350 1400 900 900
Veneers 800 ~ 2,000 495 360 340 240 600 ~ 800 450 450
Root Canal Treatment 699 ~ 2,000 300 ~ 450 60 400 90 ~ 200 300 150 ~ 200 150 ~ 200
Crowns 750 ~ 3,000 495 285 500 240 ~ 600 520 280 ~ 800 280 ~ 800
Bonding 150 ~ 300 70 70 50 75 100 ~ 150 60 60
Impaction 250 ~ 500 120 180 190 120 200 ~ 300 190 190

Things to take care while select a dentist abroad

Before you decide to pack your bags and go on that trip abroad, it is best to look at all the advantages and disadvantages of leaving the your country for dental treatments, emphasis on the following factors to ensure that you are getting the best deals possible.

Dentist Qualifications and affiliations

The first and most common consideration why many individuals are increasingly seeking dental implant treatments in India is due to the lower dental implant costs in India while being able to be treated by USA or UK overseas accredited specialists and graduates. In India usually a post graduate (M.D.S) in dentistry is permitted to practice Implantology. Also a registration in Indian Dental Council is a must. Fellowship from a reputed training institute in the specialty of Implantology, and affiliation in professional bodies like Indian Dental Association will be an added advantage. The more the dentist operates the more experience they acquire and the better the result. Our Implantologists are certified from Nobal Bicare.

Cost effectiveness of Taking the treatment abroad

The important thing is to weigh everything up before going abroad for treatment.. We don’t agree that people just travel abroad for a bargain without thinking about everything associated with travel abroad. If you would like to combine your dental treatment with a tourist escapade, you should consider the option. Lower wages and living costs in India mean prices for Dental Treatment here are usually between 60 – 70% cheaper than in the UK, also India is considered as one of the ‘Must see places In world’ .

Many 1000’s of patients a year regularly travel to India from all over world to take advantage of the huge savings available with the price of Dental Implants.

Facilities, Technology and accreditation of the Hospital

Check for the certifications possessed by the clinic and the quality of equipment and technology adopted. Exodus Dental Care is UKAS ISO 9001 : 2008 certified for its dental services meaning that its dental services quality standards have been independently certified by the representatives of UKAS, England. Exodus Dental care is one the largest standalone dental Hospital in Kerala with all US-FDA approved German make equipments. Latest equipment like OPG, STA-WAND, Autoclave class B sterilizer, Kavo laser etc. are some of the latest equipment at our Hospital.

Hygiene and infection control at the hospital

At the Dental office, look for infection control procedures. The dentist should wear clean surgical gloves (that have not been used on other patients), a mask and protective eyewear. Dental instruments should be properly sterilized and other infection control procedures should be followed and the sterilization method adopted should be dry type ensuring maximum safety. At Exodus, we use new disposable vinyl gloves for each patient with masks compulsory. We use the latest Autoclave class B sterilizer ensuring maximum sterilization.

Time line for dental implant treatment

Dental Implant is a time consuming procedure which should require a lot of planning and preparation, no dentist in the world can provide a ‘quick fix’ for dental implant treatment. If you are provided with a quick treatment plan, be very much careful about that.

The treatment timeline and number of trips for dental implant treatment will vary with bone condition and case depending, whether it is an immediate loaded dental implant or conventional dental Implant.

The Implant which is used

Dentists worldwide use different quality implants. The cost of an implant varies heavily depending on the material quality. High quality implants which costs little more will help integrate with the bone faster and more effectively than other normal implants. So do not compromise on material even though it may cost you little more. At Exodus, we only recommend the use of implant post from internationally recognized brands like Nobel Biocare

Post treatment care

Once you decided your treatment abroad, the hospital should Assist you with a detailed treatment plan, vacation schedules, Visa formalities and post implant treatment care. You should have check list for the treatment preparation before your itinerary arrives. At Exodus dental care we have a dedicated Guest Relation Department for Dental Tourism which will assist you with all necessary information and documents.

After care of the implant treatment

Once the dental implant treatment is completed, constant checks, cleaning and care for your new dental implant is still required, you are able to have your normal bi-annual checkups done back home by your local dentist or Implantologist.

You should also consider. What happens if something goes wrong during or after treatment? Will the hospital assist in getting any after treatment complications corrected? All of these are important considerations before seeking care in other countries.


It is a common practice in U.S. that people ask their family and friends for referrals to health care providers. The same principle could apply when you must travel outside the country. If someone you know has received dental care in a foreign country and seemed satisfied, you could ask for a referral. Otherwise you can approach the dentist for their patient feedback with contact number. You could also check to see if the country keeps records of complaints against health care professionals. If so , you could check with the country's appropriate oversight agency, In India you can contact the dental council to verify the doctor’s affiliation and other relevant details.

Finally, the best part about having a dental implant abroad is that neither the colleagues nor any onlooker will know that a surgery has been performed. In case you have been pondering about getting dental treatment abroad, the time is just about right.

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