Our Technology

We use the most modern technology and equipment along with most updated treatment methodology to ensure that you get the best care you deserve.

Few of the technological advances and exclusive facilities at our Hospital include

International standards of treatment protocol

We conduct accurate prognosis on your health status for blood sugar, blood pressure and heart condition, medical history is mandatory for any patient. We ensure that the patient is informed about his oral condition, treatment plan, prognosis, costs and risks involved. For any major procedure we collect consent form from the patients.

5 specialty treatment rooms

There are 5 specialty treatment rooms for different major treatments. Each room is connected by high speed LAN with operating machine and X-ray machines, LED monitors are fixed on each of the dental chairs. It can also function as a TV screen displaying your favourite movie. The intra –oral camera on each chair provides the actual visuals of your oral condition.

Internationally approved equipment

To ensure that you get the same quality of treatment available at the US, we have ensured that all our equipment are US-FDA approved.

Zero microbe sterilization and hygiene as per ADA standards

We have the best in class sterilization equipment - Euronda-Class B which uses dry type sterilization technique. All instruments are autoclaved and sealed before each use.

Laser Assisted Treatments

We have the advanced KAvo laser machine for assisting in majority of our treatments with minimal pain and tissue damage.

Advanced radiographic facilities (OPG)

We have installed the advanced Villa digital OPG-LAT CEPH machine to provide with high resolution OPG, LAT-CEPH images for an accurate diagnosis.

Computerized Injection technology (STA-WAND)

For anxious patients, we use the internationally acclaimed STA-WAND computerized precision injection system to reduce the pain and to eradicate the anxiety involved in normal injections. The cartridges for the same is replaced after each single use.

Advanced dental lab

We have our own state-of-the -art acrylic dental lab and inhouse dental technician to provide with speedy delivery temporary crowns, dentures etc.

For crowns and bridges, we have a special arrangement with Dentcare Dental Lab, Asia's biggest Dental LAb for speedy delivery of finished crowns and bridges and provides warranty upto 15 years for crowns and bridges.

Handling Emergencies

We have tied up with multispecialty hospital and have a consultant panel of Doctors to handle any unseen emergencies.

Importance to privacy

We understand and value your privacy while you undergo the treatment. To cater to this, we have made sure that no two dental chairs are placed adjacent and your treatment will not be interrupted or distracted.

Ergonomically designed hospital interiors

The hospital is aesthetically designed by a leading architect, it is intended to provide a warm ambience and a stress free environment to our valuable guests. The warm interiors from the waiting lobby, specialty lounge, the reception etc. transients the moods and elevates the spirits of the guests. They are surrounded by literature and movies. It is an incredible atmosphere for your treatments.

Specialty guest lounge with library & Wi-Fi

Disable friendly & child friendly Hospital

Our dental office provides easy access to wheel chairs and have a lift access to each floors and our staff are specially trained to assist the patients with special needs.

Our child friendly policy has ensured special play area for the kids to take out the fear of visiting a dental office. Also the children treatment room has been specially designed as per the mindset of children to make their treatment pleasurable.

Exclusive guest relations department

We have our guest relations department to cater to the guests' needs.

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