International Patient FAQ’s

Visiting a foreign country for medical treatment is undoubtedly daunting. The unknown country’s culture, language, tradition and so one are alien to an outsider. To add to it are the myths or rather mysteries surrounding countries like India which makes decision-making more difficult. So here are some Freqently asked questions about India and the treatment facilities here

  • Is India safe for complex medical treatments.?

    India is an advanced country with doctors having the highest credentials. The top hospitals in India either have tie-ups with other super-specialty hospitals or provide super-specialty services themselves. We are equipped with most advanced medical equipment and make use of the latest technologies in medicine. Most of our doctors are trained in foreign countries and visit various international conferences to keep abreast with the latest medical news and knowledge. The fact that Indian doctors are invited to countries like U.S.A and U.K for imparting knowledge itself proves their credentials.. The quality standards are also strictly maintained.
  • Does the Low cost treatment compromise on quality.?

    People have a tendency to assume that cheaper treatments mean lower quality. However, people do not know that India can provide low cost medical facilities because labour is way cheaper in India than that compared to European countries. So the lower cost has nothing to do with the quality. We are certified by ISO 9001 -2008, hence you can be rest assured about the quality. Also we use Materials from the suppliers like 3M, Lava Zirconia, Invisalign, Nobel Bicare etc.. which provides International warranty.
  • How much money can I save on my dental bill.?

    You can save an average of 50-75% on your dental bill. The most you can save on crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, veneers, etc.  We do not recommend travelling to India only for a single filling or tooth extraction. However if you need other kind of dental treatments, it is worth considering to include even simpler treatments in your package. Compare the price with your home country before you decide to travel.
  • Why is dental treatment much cheaper in India than in my Home Country?

    India is generally cheaper then the UK, USA and other developed countries. Both incomes and expenses are about 70 times less than in the UK. When you consider how expensive 3-4 implants, a bridge or crown work can be, the 6-7 times less prices can mean huge difference.  Also the Malpractice insurance for dentist in India is very cheaper comparing to the developed foreign countries. Having lower prices in India does not effect quality. As India is one of the most popular targets of dental tourism in the world, the competition is big and only the well equipped surgeries with the best qualified dentists and most enthusiastic staff can stay in business. 
  • What are your fees? Do I have to pay registration or administration fee?

    At Exodus Dental Care we do not have any Registration or Administration fee for our treatments. You have to pay your treatment charges only. We prefer you to plan your Treatment schedule two or three months before your journey. After reviewing your medical reports (X-rays, Scan Reports, Images etc..) we could inform you about the exact amount of your treatment which you have to pay on the last day of your treatment. For a comparison for the dental charges please click here.
  • Are materials and techniques used by Indian dentists similar or the same to the ones used by popular dentists in my home country?

    Our dental surgery in India is staffed with experienced any highly educated dentists and technicians and equipped with world class state of art technology. We are using materials from Nobel biocare, Lava Zirconia, 3m which is having international warranty and reputation.
  • Do your dentists and their team speak English?

    Our dentists, the technicians and the dental nurses, even our driver who will pick you up from the airport have a good command of English. We are confident the language will not cause any problem or misunderstanding.
  • How long will I need to stay at India ?

    Once we know what your specific needs are we will be able to provide a more comprehensive estimate of the length of period you will need to spend in India.
  • Do you provide guarantee?

    We provide guarantee on implants and cosmetic dental works. Our guarantee policy complies with the international standards. In case of implant failure a new implant will be placed at no additional costs.
  • What if something goes wrong or I have complaints or complications after I am back to the home country?

    It is unlikely that complications occur. However in some cases infections do happen even if the treatment was made with proficiency and utmost care consult our dentist and see what the best and most efficient help might be. You will easily get help in any place if only a small infection happened
    Though we never had treatments going wrong because of our dentists' fault, we always have to be prepared for everything. That is the reason we have a privacy policy, covering all costs if our dentists make a mistake. For further details on our guarantee policy please refer to our Guarantee section.
  • How and when should/can I pay ?

    We will ask you to pay your bill on the last day of your treatment. We accept cash, all major credit and debit cards and travellers cheques.
  • How much time do you need to arrange my travel, accommodation and first visit with the dentist ?

    We are proud to provide one of the quickest dental tourism services from anywhere in world We can arrange your first visit, consultation, treatments, accommodation, etc. within 1 week from the day you first contacted us. If it's an emergency we will do our best to be even quicker.
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