What to Expect @ Exodus

A unique travelogue

Exodus Dental Care provides an exquisite combination of pleasure and leisure with effective treatment. Enjoy an incredible experience of sightseeing and tour package with the best in dental and oral care. Come and experience utter adventure in the lap of nature at Wayanad in God’s Own Country. The best in adventure meets the best in treatment at the Exodus dental care and its leisure packages.

Modern dentistry

Here is an opportunity to experience quintessential dentistry at the hands of experienced dentists. The most amazing infrastructure and superior facilities are at your hand’s reach. The experience and expertise of these dentists are to spread cheer in your health and lives. Make your experience a special one soon. Enjoy freedom from your oral issues forever. The various dental issues are to be treated to perfection by the masters in this field. The treatments offered are excellent including laser whitening, digital X-rays, single visit root canal treatment, crowns or veneers, smile design.

Personal attentions

Each patient is a guest and not a patient, individual attention is provided to all the guests. Their comfort and opinions are important for us. The chairs are placed individually and not together to provide personal attention and privacy to each patient. Each patient has a different issue and these issues are treated differently and in priority. We ensure that our guests are pleased with their visit and treatment. The visit becomes a truly memorable one to cherish.

Innovative Solutions

Many of our dentists have particular interests and strengths and you will usually be seen by the dentist most qualified for the procedure. Depending on the problem we can usually offer a range of treatments. Importantly we have an established Care Pathway within the practice to provide an expert opinion when needed. We work closely with root and gum experts within our practice to ensure your care is fully managed in-house.

A Stress Free Experience

The clinic is maintained in warm ambience to relax from stress. Walk in to an enticing and calm atmosphere and leave all your tensions at the reception. Then we will concentrate on your treatments. Simply answer the queries and we will diagnose the treatment required for your discomforts. There is also a well-maintained contemporary art gallery in our reception and waiting area to inspire and relax you.

Prevention is Better than Cure

We provide dental care centred on prevention to protect and maintain your natural teeth. We place a high emphasis on patient education and work with you to help you achieve the very best dental health.

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